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This page exists to serve as an archive for all VINLANDIC WERWOLF releases. If a release is listed here, but is NOT listed in the "Distro" page, then that means it is sold out. Any inquiries about sold out releases will be ignored!


VWD 01 PANTHEON - "Iotunkrieg" Pro CS VWD 02 V/A - "Power Electronics Against Communism II" CD VWD 03 PANTHEON - "Müspelsturmsreich" Pro CS VWD 04 PANTHEON - "Führersland" Pro CS VWD 05 FORLORN WINDS - "The Day The Wolf Swallowed The Sun" Pro CS VWD 06 WEWELSSBURG - "Into The Ritual Chamber" Pro CS VWD 07 ARYAN HAMMER - "Einsatzkommando Finnland" Pro CS VWD 08 A.Z.A.B. / FOUR ARMED DEATH WHEEL - "Eternal Persecution Of The Archontic Infection" Pro CS VWD 09 BLUTKRIEG - "Wotan's Harrow" Pro CS / DIGIPACK CD VWD 10 WEHRWOLF SS - "True Northern Aryan Glory" Pro CS VWD 11 CELTIC DANCE / MALÉFICE - "Thulean Seekers" Pro CS VWD 12 DER STÜRMER - "Bloodsworn II" Pro CS VWD 13 PANTHEON - "Draugrs Daug" Pro CS VWD 14w FORLORN WINDS - "Apparitions of the Åsgårdsreien" Pro CS VWD 15 BILSKIRNIR - "In Solitary Silence" Pro CS VWD 16 WOLFSPIRIT - "Marching Towards The Abyss Of Death" Pro CS VWD 17 LONE WOLF INSURGENT - "Hunter" CS VWD 18 WEWELSSBURG - "Subterranean Gestation of the Glorious New Era" Pro CS VWD 19 BERGHOF / ADLERHORST - "Gebrauchmusik" Pro CS VWD 20 PANTHEON - "Vargrstrike" Pro CS VWD 21 PANTHEON - "Ginnungagap" Pro CS VWD 22 PANTHEON - "The Final Assault Vol. 2" CS VWD 23 KVASIR'S BLOOD - "Triumph Of The Will" CS VWD 24 SUPERNAL REFUSE - "Inversion Protocol" Pro CS VWD 25 FORLORN WINDS - "HEL" Pro CS / 7" EP VWD 26 WEHRWOLF SS - "Aktion Reinhardt" Pro CS VWD 27 BLUTKULT / MALÉFICE - "Der Geist der Vergangenheit" Pro CS VWD 28 PANTHEON - "Thangorodrim" 7" EP VWD 29 AYYADIEH - "Oath of Allegiance" CD VWD 30 OHTAR - "Emptiness" CD / CS VWD 31 RECLUSE - "The Black Famine" Pro CS VWD 32 ABSURD - "Facta Loquuntur" Pro CS VWD 33 BILSKIRNIR - "Dem Feind entgegen" Pro CS VWD 36 BILSKIRNIR - "Wolfswut" Pro CS VWD 37 ARYAN BLOOD - "Through Struggle To Victory" Pro CS VWD 38 EISERN 88 - "Keep the grail of Aryan Blood" CS VWD 39 TODESSTRAFE - "Under The Sign Of The Storm" Pro CS VWD 40 ASHEN HUSK - "All We Hold Sacred" Pro CS VWD 41 SVETOVID / VRILDOM - split CD / CS VWD 42 KVASIR'S BLOOD - "Phantoms of the Deepest Night" Pro CS VWD 43 SPEAR OF LONGINUS - "Golden Palace 88 Fortune" Pro CS VWD 44 SPEAR OF LONGINUS - "TYONS" Pro CS VWD 45 RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE / WALSUNG - split Pro CS VWD 46 RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE - "Quando as Botas Insistem à Marchar!" Pro CS VWD 47 DER STÜRMER / EVIL - "Unica Fede - Unica Volonta (Live at Hot Shower)" Pro CS VWD 48 DRACONES - "Son of the Devil" Pro CS VWD 49 BLUTKULT / CELTIC DANCE - "We are the roar of thunder" Pro CS VWD 50 SEVERE STORM - "The Awakening" Pro CS VWD 51 FUROR - "Ice Doctrine" Pro CS VWD 52 ODIUM TOTUS - "In Inceptum Finis Est" Pro CS VWD 54 ASSASSINATION - "Red Magick Faction" Pro CS / A5 DIGIPACK CD VWD 55 ABYSSIC HATE - "A Decade of Hate" Pro CS VWD 56 ABYSSIC HATE - "Suicidal Emotions" Pro CS VWD 57 ASSASSINATION - "Into Space and Out of Reach" Pro CS / A5 DIGIPACK CD VWD 59 E.A.G.L.E. - "Fortitude" Pro CS VWD 60 RESISTENCIA 88 - "A Nova Ordem" Pro CS VWD 61 WODULF - "Zerezat" Pro CS VWD 62 DER STÜRMER - "A Banner Greater Than Death" Pro CS VWD 64 THULE DEL SUR - "Four Meditations Under the Polar Star" DIGIPACK CD VWD 65 LEBENSRAUM - "Werwolf" CD

VINLANDIC WERWOLF Merchandise Releases:

ABSURD (ger) - "Der Sieg ist unser" TSHIRT ARYAN HAMMER (fin) - logo TSHIRT (Black Tshirts & White Tshirts) DARK FURY (pol) - "Messenger of Inevitable Death" TSHIRT (Charcoal Gray Tshirts & Military Green Tshirts) DARK FURY (pol) - "W.A.R. Against Christianity" TSHIRT DEATHKEY (usa) - "Doctrine of Intolerant Hatred" TSHIRT DER STÜRMER (gre) - "Himmelstürmer" TSHIRT DER STÜRMER (gre) - "The Blood Calls for W.A.R.!" TSHIRT ELITISM (fra) - "Quand l'étoile de David Brûlait" TSHIRT FORLORN WINDS (usa) - "HEL" TSHIRT FORLORN WINDS (usa) - old logo TSHIRT INTOLITARIAN (usa) - "Antifa Parasite" TSHIRT INTOLITARIAN (usa) - "Deathwolf Swastagrammaton" TSHIRT INTOLITARIAN (usa) - "Hate Legion Disciple" LONG SLEEVE SHIRT INTOLITARIAN (usa) - "Squealing Target" TSHIRT KVASIR'S BLOOD (usa) - "Triumph of the Will" TSHIRT (Black Tshirts & Forest Green Tshirts) MOHAREBEH (usa) - "Total Support" TSHIRT MOHAREBEH (usa) - ZIPPER HOODIE NOKTURNE (usa) - "Totenkopf Arsenal" TSHIRT OHTAR (pol) - "Emptiness" TSHIRT PANTHEON (usa) - "Iotunkrieg" TSHIRT TWO RUNES (fin) - "Herää Eurooppa!" TANK TOP VOTHANA (usa) - "Jewboros" TSHIRT VOTHANA (usa) - "NGƯỜI DO THÁI LÀ BẤT HẠNH CỦA CHÚNG TÔI" TSHIRT WEWELSSBURG (usa) - logo TSHIRT WODULF (gre) - "Zerezat" TSHIRT WOLFNACHT (gre) - "Blut und Boden" TSHIRT \-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENDSIEG (usa) - logo METAL PIN