**EXTENDED!** INTOLITARIAN - "Hate Legion Disciple" LONG SLEEVE pre-orders

!!! PRE-ORDER HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 1ST !!! INTOLITARIAN (usa) - "Hate Legion Disciple" LONG SLEEVE Official long sleeves shirts released with direct permission from Antichrist Kramer are now available for PRE-ORDER! These will be PRE-ORDER ONLY, however many get pre-ordered are how many will be printed. Pre-order period is from today (Saturday March 13, 2021) until Tuesday May 1, 2021! If you order anything else alongside these long sleeve(s), your entire order will be shipped together when the long sleeves arrive here from the printer! These long sleeves will be printed by the mighty DEATH ORACLE. It is important to stress the fact that delays due to external factors are always a possibility. So with that being said, if you can’t be patient then DON’T order! Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL will be made. Will be printed on Gildan brand long sleeves. Clearly specify your size(s) when ordering. If you need a bigger size than XXL that can also be accommodated. S-XL are $26.00 USD + postage. XXL or above is $28.00 + postage. All orders via email to: vinlandicwerwolf@hotmail.com