NEW RELEASES 3/15/2021

NEW V.W.D RELEASES 3/15/2021



-FORLORN WINDS (usa) - "HEL" 7" EP
Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal. Obscure demo tape from 2019 now available on 7" vinyl. Originally intended to be re-recorded, it was later decided that these two songs will remain exclusive to this demo.

Limited to 100 copies - NO REPRESS!

-PANTHEON (usa) - "Thangorodrim" 7" EP

Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal. The real beginning of the signature völkisch & war waging Pantheon sound, this cult demo from 1997 is finally on vinyl for the first time, over 20 years later.
Limited to 100 copies - NO REPRESS!
-DER STÜRMER (gre) - "A Banner Greater Than Death" Pro-Tape (co-release with Doomsday Elite)

Hellenic Black Metal Barbarism. Mandatory full-length from 2006 now available on pro-tape once again.

-E.A.G.L.E. (can) - "Fortitude" Pro-Tape

Debut demo release of this new project from Northern Vinland. Majestic, exquisite riffs buried within a raw atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Eisenwinter, Rostorchester, etc.


-ODIUM TOTUS (usa) - "In Inceptum Finis Est" Pro-Tape
(co-release with Veni Vidi Vici)

Elitist Roman Fasces Black Metal. Concept album from 2018 now on pro-tape format. The next time some pink haired freak complains about you liking N..i bands, you can point out that you also like Italian F.....t bands.


-RESISTENCIA 88 (bra) - "A Nova Ordem" Pro-Tape

Black Metal Barbarism from the Southern lands. Classic 1997 demo from the project that would become COMMAND. Reissued on pro-tape with the original layout and newly remastered audio that improves the overall clarity without detracting from the savagery of the original recording.

-WODULF (gre) - "Zerezat" Pro-Tape (co-release with Darkness Attack)

Supreme Necromantic Black Metal from Hellas. 7" EP from 2016 now on pro-tape for the first time. The Lord has arrived from beyond the sea with the army of rats to poison life once again...
-LEBENSRAUM (Europa) - "Werwolf" CD

Debut full length recorded in 2017 now finally unleashed on CD. 40 minutes of Radical Black Metal that tastefully combines raw, fast aggression with melodic, prideful passages. Pro-tape version will come later.

-DER STÜRMER (gre) - Himmelstürmer TSHIRT (M, L, XL)

Reprint of a design from a few years back officially resurrected again. White printing on Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirts.

-WODULF (gre) - Zerezat TSHIRT (M, L, XL)

New design to commemorate the pro-tape reissue of the "Zerezat" EP. White & grey printing on Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirts.

-INTOLITARIAN (usa) - "Hate Legion Disciple" LONG SLEEVE
(PRE-ORDER ONLY March 12 - April 20!)

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