NEW RELEASES 8/19/2021

NEW V.W.D RELEASES 8/19/2021


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-WEHRMACHT (bra/ger) - "Wehrmacht" CD (co-release with IG Farben)

Radical Black Metal. Debut mini-album from this new project which combines members of Brazilian bands like EVIL, WALSUNG & RAVENDARK'S MONARCHLE together with Junker Voland from the German band BLUTKULT.


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-ARMAGGEDON (fra) - "Trumpets of Christian Holocaust" PRO-TAPE (co-release with Hass Weg Productions)

Hateful French Black Metal. Pro-tape version of the 2021 full length from this cult band! test

listen to the full album:

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-BLACK SUN SORCERY (usa) - "Hymns Under the Rays of a Setting Black Sun" PRO-TAPE

Debut demo of ritualistic ambient/dungeon music. Melodic yet raw, somewhat noisy, bleak and disturbing... no samples available.

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-DER STÜRMER (gre) - "Transcendental Racial Idealism" PRO-TAPE

The mandatory full length from 2011 back on pro-tape format. Features the greatly improved remastered audio from the 2019 LP/CD reissues, along with all lyrics being printed in the layout.

sample (which showcases the 2019 remastering):

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-DISANNULLETH (usa) - "Modern Crusades Against Abrahamic Scum" PRO-TAPE

Barbaric anti-abrahamic Black/Death Metal. Brand new 2021 mini-album that improves upon their already impressive debut demo from 2017. Features members of Iconoclast Contra, Gravecode Nebula, Ibex Throne, Odium Totus, etc.


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-KVASIR'S BLOOD - "True Vinlandic Black Metal" DOUBLE TAPE

Vinlandic Black Metal. Double cassette, 20 track compilation featuring a remixed version of the debut demo "Aloft on Winds of the Ancients", a remixed version of the debut full length album "W.O.T.A.N." plus numerous bonus tracks, some of which have never been heard until now. Housed in a butterfly-style norelco case. Limited to 50 copies.

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-RATTENKÖNIG (aus) - "Rodentia's Wrath" PRO-TAPE

Raw & Grim Black Metal from the hordes of Australibus Tenebris. Pro-tape version of the razor sharp 2020 full length.